Monday, 6 February 2017

Blandco No More: Updated Solid is Sensational & Wood You Love My Kitchen Recolours

Update 6/02/2017 - Fixed for toddler patch so they will now interact with the counters and islands correctly for the ‘play in’ interaction instead of it not executing properly. Also changed out wood counter texture so it matches solid counter colour. 
Update 14/12/2015 - I exported the wrong DDS format for 2 of the wood cabinets, so please re-download the wood kitchen to get the updated file for the 2 cabinets. 

I absolutely love the kitchens in TS4, way better then TS3 kitchens, but CAS would have made them perfection. So I decided to take my favourite kitchen, the BlandCo style, and recolour them in some wood and solid colours. They were released some time ago and dubbed Solid Is Sensational Painted Kitchen and Wood You Love My Kitchen. Since EA added dishwashers, I have finally got around to updating these officially (you could use S4S to do a batch fix previously) but I wanted to do more then just an update. So by popular demand, I have not only updated for dishwashers, added 2 more solid colours, 3 counter top colours, I have also provided a package file of the cabinets with the shader fix akin to what plasticbox at MTS has done. I have included a non-shader fixed one because I have found when items like fridges are placed under the cabinets, they go dark, so this is a win-win situation.

The Build/Buy items feature:
  • basegame compatibility
  • non-default
  • 20 solid colours and 8 wood colours, with a choice between 3 counter top types (totaling 60 and 24 styles respectively)
  • Style tool compatible
  • custom thumbnails for standard cabinet (all others are game-generated due to shear number of them)
  • Version of cabinets with and without shader fix
  • Now dishwasher compatible
  • Pricing:
    - Counters: $150
    - Islands: $150
    - Cabinets: $135
Now, there has been many people ask for a shader fix for the cabinets, the same as what plasticbox has done as default overrides. I have provided such a file, however there is one small issue that is evident with any cabinet that has the counter shader:
To fix the issue you have on the right with EA items, download the No Occluder Appliances Default Replacement (DR) file down below. This will fix the shadowing for any EA item. If cc is doing it (thats not mine) its out of my control.

Note: these are new packages with the same file names. However, the ID's are different so they will not replace the original versions in your games. Therefore they need to be re-placed where you used the older versions. 

The archive contains the  package files and style image. Extract the archive using winRAR or a similar program, and place the package files in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. These recolours require an up-to-date game for them to show up. I hope you enjoy.

Solid Is Sensational Kitchen:

Wood You Love My Kitchen:

No Occluder Appliances (DR):


  1. I just love your creations, and I hope you never get tired of making us stuff for the sims.

  2. I just deleted all my mods and downloaded all yours. It's wonderfull.